Ward Campbell

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Developing amazing internet experiences since 2000

About me

Ward Campbell

I'm Ward Campbell and welcome to my professional site and portfolio. Please remember, if at any time you are confused, unsure or just fancy a chat about something, there's a contact section at the bottom of each page – I guarentee I'll answer any query the same day it's asked in English or Spanish.

I started programming in 2000 when I began my Masters in Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University. Since then, I have continued developing a wide variety of web applications.

I have worked on countless projects with clients ranging from internet startups to government organizations and multinationals.

Platforms I Use


Drupal is open source software ideal for building large, complex websites where many user have to work on the same site. It also scales extremely well for high traffic sites.


Symfony is the industry choice PHP framework. It is used for creating highly customized web-based application.


Wordpress is a content management system idea for simple brochures type websites.


For data processing heavy intranets, especially with a twist of machine Learning I use Django

My core values


Deadlines don't just matter they are a number one priority for me.

attention to detail

Every pixel matters and every line of code has to be optimized.


I can work whenever and wherever you want.


Everything that can posibly be done via code to optimize your site for search engines.

Non techy

I always try my very best not to speak in IT jargon so everybody can cleary understand what's going on.

Built for Performance

Every line of code has to be optimized so as to get the best posible performace possib;e.


Companies I've worked with